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Many of our users are seeking some great guest authors & finance writers to contribute or write for us either writing and engaging informative unique content or with specific topics depending on specific sectors, insurance, investment, finance, banking, mutual funds, tax, and many more. We have very high standards for our guest authors and a tough process for deciding on the ones that we continue to publish. We want our site to be informative and a wealth of knowledge for our valued customers, but we also want to have a lot of style. In other words, not everything on a guest post is going to be relevant to your customer and the purpose of the guest post is to enhance your website and build your brand.

Guest blogging or guest post guidelines allow you to get some unique content that is written by someone who has an interest in finance. This means the content needs to be informative, but at the same time, fun to read and written in a way that will appeal to the reader. Our guidelines are fairly specific about how this should be done. We want to maintain a high standard, so your content must meet those high standards. In addition to being informative, you also want to provide a fun reading experience for our readers, so it’s important to follow these guidelines in order to ensure you don’t violate any of our bylaws and your content does not violate any trademark or copyright laws.

If you have specific ideas for guest posts or even specific areas within our finance blog where you can write, please let us know. Some specific examples would be a how to guide, tips for investing, current news, personal finance or even just a general “how to” post on finance. Many finance blogs already have sections where bloggers write about specific things related to finance. In addition, if you are writing for us, you are also free to do any of these things within your own blog.

What if you are thinking of doing a guest post on a finance blog that doesn’t already have a section for guest posts? You are free to write about what you would like to see on the guest post, but please be sure that you follow all of our bylaws in order to keep your content from being copyrighted. For example, we ask that you refrain from writing an entire article about your opinions about a certain aspect of finance. This is because it may be construed as impersonation if you quote a person without their permission. If you would like to write about specific aspects of finance, you are encouraged to do so as long as you disclose that you are quoting someone with whom you have a relationship, as we recommend you do.

Finally, following our guest blog guidelines does not mean that you cannot have your own opinion. It simply means that you need to be careful about what you write. You should not simply copy and paste information from other sources, as this could potentially constitute plagiarism. In addition, we ask that you be honest and provide accurate and fair content. As a result, we will typically decline guest posts from individuals whose only real experience of personal finance is limited to attending seminars and attending a few finance talks. If you have great ideas for guest posts or great information to share about finance, please contact us via email or via a dedicated contact form on our website.

We understand that there are some people who are opposed to guest posting on blogs and other online content websites. While it can be a bit inconvenient, these guidelines have been in place to ensure that those who wish to write for us will write an honest and well-researched guest post. Additionally, these guidelines are only applied to articles posted on our blogs and not for content hosted elsewhere. We encourage our authors to engage in article marketing so that they can build even more links back to their own websites.