Bulk Address Verification – How To Do It

When you send out a bulk mailing to a large number of people, it takes more time and effort to rectify the error than with single address verification. With , you do not need to worry about sending promotional materials or products to the incorrect address. The software catches formatting and typographical errors instantly within seconds. This is because the address database contains precise and up-to-date information that is regularly updated.

Advantages of bulk address validation software

When using bulk address validation software, there are some advantages you can get from using this kind of service. For one, using such software enables you to accurately verify the addresses and corresponding names for various purposes such as bulk mailing or bulk sales. There are some bulk address verification software programs that allow you to generate reports that display the corresponding names and addresses of every customer in a particular batch. This helps you determine the number of customers who actually received your promotional items.

You also have the option to choose from different kinds of bulk address validation services. For instance, some programs offer a batch address validation service that provides street-level geocoding of the addresses for every address in a batch. Such service is very useful when you want to send out promotional materials and announcements to a targeted audience. In this case, such software enables you to generate a unique street address for each individual customer so that you can easily add them to your database.

Another popular kind of bulk address validation service offers the service of bulk address verification. This is very useful for companies that send out bulk promotional materials and announcements to a number of people. However, such companies sometimes overlook one important factor: keeping track of which addresses received promotional materials and which did not. Such companies can use bulk address verification to automatically record and validate each and every address that is being distributed to clients. This allows such companies to easily monitor the success rate of their promotional efforts.

Yet another popular bulk address validation program that can be used to check if an email address belongs to a real person is bulk address validation software. This kind of software generates a detailed report about every email that is sent out. Such reports can contain information such as the name of the sender, the full postal address of the sender, and even the IP address of the computer from which the email was sent. This can help you trace the true identity of the person who has sent you emails. Moreover, it can prevent spammers from sending you emails that look to be from someone you know.

There are quite a number of bulk address validation software tools that are available on the internet today. Most of these programs can be downloaded for free. However, most of them only work with email addresses that come from the gmail, hotmail, or Yahoo! systems. They will not validate addresses that come from other sources like Facebook or other online social networks.


In addition to these programs, there are also some companies that offer free services for bulk validation. However, these services only check residential addresses. Such services do not check out business addresses like those of the pizza shops in your neighborhood.

The best bulk address verification method that you can use today would be the “resonate uniqueness” method. This method looks at each and every word in the address field and compares it with all the other words in the dictionary that have been found by other searchers over the internet using different methods. If the two words in the address field do not match, then the searcher will not return results. With the use of “recollective language analysis” (also known as “word recycling”), a searcher will be able to provide you with the most accurate data because they do not just look for the exact word but at what context it is used in, including all of its synonyms.